Patrick Parry

Orange Coast Luxury Real Estate

“Real estate is the most dynamic form of investment there is. It makes dreams come true, and I feel humbled to be part of the process.”

That’s why Patrick Parry set his sights on a career in real estate. When clients choose this dynamic young Realtor® at Watts Team Real Estate, they are choosing a fully committed professional and one who is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to give them profitable advice.

A native of Orange County, Patrick grew up watching new communities emerge from the hills and sand. He participated in that growth, working on job sites with his father, a general contractor. “That part of it never really grabbed me,” he says, “but the economy and finance always interested me.” He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business finance with an emphasis in real estate from California State University Fullerton. He went on to work as an investment counselor, advising investors who were purchasing residential and commercial properties in markets across the U.S.

Patrick entered the industry during the turbulent recession years. He gained much wisdom early on, which he passes to his clients today. “I saw the market going crazy with appreciation. It turned down as soon as I graduated, and I saw the greed that came out of it. It was a reality check early in my career. Getting into the industry was difficult. It gave me grit, so I don’t readily give up. It also gave me a better understanding the factors that drive the market and how fast they can change.

At Watts Team Real Estate, Patrick helps clients make informed decisions about real estate and to think practically about why they’re in the market for a home. “Whether or not the market will increase over the next 10 or 20 years may not be a reason to buy, just a benefit. What matters is whether the purchase is something they want and makes sense right now. People always need a place to live regardless of what the market is doing. It is my job to make it happen.”

Patrick remains an avid student of economics who stays on top of new reports and projections. He closely collaborates with the service, which allows him to balance work and study despite a large volume of academic material. He works closely with his partner and founder of Watts Team Real Estate, Keith Watts, analyzing local trends to give clients informed guidance when listing or to purchase a home. They save clients substantial time and money by providing accurate information and adjusting unrealistic expectations.

“Analyzing the market is important,” Patrick continues. “Real estate is hyper-local, so what they say about the location is true. For instance, you have to look at each city and see how many a floorplan is on the market at one time and what the demand is for that floorplan. Many local factors affect the price. Pricing properties is as much a science as an art and is a huge part of listing a home. We’re constantly examining these factors because they’re always changing. Every time we get a new listing or are making an offer, we sit down to discuss it to determine the best strategy for the client. There’s no room for yes men in this industry. Our job is to relay what is reality and point people on the right path.”

Patrick says he became a partner with a local boutique company so he can give more to his clients. “Each client and transaction needs its specific approach. Here, we are part of the decision process to do what is best for our clients. Many of the large firms do things broker forward. We do things client forward. We can direct marketing efforts towards our clients and their houses. Not waste it on over-branding. I have a lot more control. We sell all over the county, but we specialize in the local area and are leaders in this market for this reason.”

Technology also plays a big role in Patrick’s strategy. He is vigilant about leveraging social media and finding new advertising tools to give his clients and brokerage an edge. But he believes there is no substitute for genuine customer service. “I am a person who cares. Knowing I’m going to make new friends gets me out of bed every day, and the bonus is that I get to make a living doing it. What better way to spend your life than helping people find one of the most important necessities, helping them start a home and family, or ending that chapter of their life? You go through a lot with people on this journey; to me, there’s nothing better.”

Call Patrick today to see how he sets himself apart from the competition.